The hot food that is surprisingly vegan

Veganism has begun to gain traction as a mainstream lifestyle choice, as such, more and more companies are responding to the growing trend by launching vegan-friendly alternatives of their non-vegan products.  

For example, for the past two years, the bakery chain Greggs have created a new vegan pastry, recently, Rowntree’s came out with vegan Fruit Pastilles, and even, fast food chains, such as KFC, have launched their own vegan alternatives. However, before veganism went mainstream there were many companies that created and sold food that contained no eggs, dairy, or meat unknowingly. Here’s a few that may surprise you.

Doritos Chilli Heatwave

If you have a tendency to be drawn towards heat, then you’ll be quite familiar with Doritos Chilli Heatwave crisps – and you’ll be happy to know that they are entirely vegan-friendly. In similar company to Doritos are Twiglets and the Pringle flavours Paprika, BBQ Sauce, and Texas BBQ. So now you don’t need to feel so bad when you ‘share’ a bag with your friends – let’s be honest, who really shares?

Pot Noodle

It might be surprising, but there are quite a few flavours of Pot Noodle that are actually vegan - so don’t worry, you still get to keep your hangover snack. While Pot Noodle have actually been vegetarian since its launch in the 1970’s; they use soy protein as opposed to any actual meat. They unknowingly included a few vegan recipes to their list, of which includes: Bombay Bad Boy, Brazilian BBQ, and Piri Piri Chicken. So now you can enjoy spice without the guilt.

Saucy Mahi

Okay, okay, we technically knowingly created our recipes to include as many lifestyle choices as possible. But what might surprise some people is that many of our marinades are vegan – not all, mind. This is because many people use milk to give the marinade a thicker consistency, however, we want to help as many people as possible give their food a kick so we pride ourselves on being as inclusive as possible. That’s why, our Peri Peri Garlic marinade and Peri Peri Hot marinade are completely vegan. Add these to our long list of vegan hot sauces, and you’ve got the perfect collection of vegan sauces for every meal.


If you’re not quite ready to try from the Saucy Mahi collection, then you’ll be relieved to know that Tabasco is entirely vegan. You’ll be even happier to know that Cholula, Frank's RedHot, and Sriracha are also vegan – but make sure you always doublecheck the label. If you’re looking for a hot sauce alternative, may we recommend the Chipotle sauce and the Carolina Reaper and Pineapple sauce? Because after all, 2021 is all about trying new things, right? Hopefully, by now you’re learning that veganism isn’t something to fear or feel anxiety over. While it might be a different lifestyle from what you’re used to, you don’t have say farewell to as many foods you once might have thought. That’s another win for the vegans.

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