How to Make Perfect Vegan Steaks?

Vegan steaks were once a horrid approach to recreating a classic, but not anymore. As time has gone on the world has become more receptive to vegan diets and with that so have many company's. What I aim to achieve with is blog is to let you know what stands above the rest and best of the best. Ranging from your store brought vegan steaks to a home made mock beef steak.

Mock beef

The recipe I used described it as follows. It has a similar taste and texture of steak at the fraction of the cost and is definitely worth trying. This is such an exciting recipe, we encourage you to give this a go, you won’t be disappointed!

You could tell that the mock beef recipe has had a lot of thought put into it and you could tell from the taste. I found that the time taken to try this recipe was worth it even if you only try it once.

Mock Chicken

Seitan, made from vital wheat gluten, is sure to bring you the sizzly, steaky goodness you’ve been looking for. The recipe that I used was for the fabled seitan steaks which has been known to shock people into question if they're eating meat!

I personally found that this recipe didn't quite hit the same spot as chicken but it did a really good job. The main issue with this recipe is that it has a lot of prep time which is quite common with most vegan imitation meat.

Watermelon steaks

This pan-seared Watermelon Steak transforms juicy watermelon into a deliciously chewy vegetarian steak! With a quick brush of flavour and a sear in the pan, this looks as good as it tastes. Is how the creator of the recipe described their creation. 

This recipe had a nice air about it as you could tell that they weren't trying to act like it was something it wasn't. In my experience food that tries to hard to fake it never works. In this case the recipe tried to be more of a sweet main that you can make to accompany your sides and was very juicy hitting the spot.

Mushroom steaks

Mushroom steaks really go back to the basics but in a very complex way. You can find load of recipes that vary from very complex to seer a mushroom. I opted for one that had a little complexity in the hope that it would create something that was close to an original steak or something new entirely.

This recipe really had me out of my comfort zone and I found that I quite liked it. Which ill be honest I do like mushrooms so that could be a strong factor. When I made this I could only help but wonder what it would be like to try other variation of mushrooms. This had me excited to try new recipes which is always a nice feeling to have when cooking.


Tofu is the original fake steak option, but for many it can be very hit or miss. This is one of the main reasons I added it to the list because I felt like I had to test if it deserves this stigma or it's just an old saying gone to far.

This may be wholly based on the recipe that you use but from my experience I found that there is a reason we have alternatives. Tofu can be made into anything you want it to be due to its absorbent quality. But it will never compete on the same level and the other method mentioned above.


Vivera uses mushroom, coconut oil, sunflower oil, beetroot, and potato soy, and wheat protein to make its steak. But do they have the secret recipe that can compete well above and homemade vegan steak that I can make?

I found that compared to all the recipes that I have tried this is by far the easiest and most cost effective. Especially if you are new to the vegan diet and don't have many of the unique ingredients that vegan recipes tend to expect.

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