How to use hot sauce as part of a healthy diet

We’ve established the benefits that hot sauce can offer you beyond adding some flavour to your foods. However, if you’re someone who really dislikes hot sauce or just wants to reap the benefits from it, then here is how you can begin to slowly introduce it into your everyday.

Just a spoonful of hot sauce

A healthy diet is individual to many different people – and there should be no reason as to why you’d need to change your meal plans if you were to introduce hot sauce into your diet.

Many vegetarians, vegans, and even, people who are gluten-free also get to enjoy the benefits that hot sauce can bring; however, for those who are gluten-free, it may be best to check the bottle as some brands are exempt from this.

If you’re beginning your journey, then it is advisable to start slow when introducing hot sauce into your meal. That means experimenting with a variety of curries, chillies, and other spicy foods, as you build yourself up to adding spice to meals you typically wouldn’t.

For those who are using hot sauce in an effort to support any weight loss programmes, then a good way to start adding hot sauce into your meals is to sprinkle it onto recipes you wouldn’t typically consider.

For example, eggs at breakfast time, any rice dishes, or even, in your soup.

We recommend trying a tablespoon of the hot sauce of your choosing as your taste buds grow accustomed to this new element.

For those who aren’t too sure where to start or what hot sauces to try, our recommendations are below:

  1. For those who aren’t used to spice, it may be worth starting off with a hot sauce such as Sriracha or for those who can handle a bit more heat, then try Tabasco.  In the MAHI range look out for the sauces with a 1 to 2 chill rating.
  2. If you’ve been using hot sauce for a while and are ready to turn up the heat a notch, then try a Habanero sauce – however, be careful as Habanero peppers can get up to a Scoville heat unit of 350,000. In the MAHI range look out for the sauces with a 3 to 4 chill rating.
  3. For seasoned hot sauce veterans who are looking for a challenge, then there are plenty of extreme hot sauces out there with a dangerous reputation. One example would be an internet favourite, Da Bomb. After it’s feature on the popular YouTube show, Hot Ones, the Habanero and chorizo pepper mix is leaving behind a heated reputation. In the MAHI range look out for the sauces with a 5 chill rating; MAHI Carolina Reaper & Pineapple and MAHI Scorpion Pepper & Passion.

The choice is in your hands

Of course, hot sauce is an acquired taste and if it doesn’t work for you, then there’s no point in forcing it.

Part of creating a healthy diet is eating things that you enjoy, that’s the most important thing. Alternatively, you can instead try incorporating spices like chilli flakes or paprika to liven up your dishes and give it a little kick.

And if not, well then there’s nothing wrong with salt and pepper – they aren’t spicy, but they’re classics for a reason.

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