The hottest peppers in the world and where to get them from

Spice is a challenge many people attempt to overcome – some enjoy spicy foods, some enjoy the pain, while others merely enjoy the concept of overcoming a difficult challenge.

Either way, it isn’t the first time the hottest chillies known to man have been discussed and it won’t be the last. For the sake of fairness, we are judging each pepper based on the Scoville heat unit (SHU) level it can reach. However, while technically, the officials at the Guinness World Records count the Carolina Reaper in the number one spot (as measured by SHU), in this instance, it has ranked third.

Pepper X: 3.18 million SHU

The hottest peppers in the world and where to get them from

Created by Ed Currie, who is also responsible for the technical champion, the Carolina Reaper, Pepper X was grown in the United States and is the result between cross-breeding multiple strands of chilli. The impressive heat ranks 3.18 million on the SHU scale, which puts it right to the top of the list. Currently, you can’t buy this in any major stores – however, Pepper X is included in the popular web series, Hot Ones. The Pepper X chilli is the last sauce that puts celebrities under the test, and you can try it for yourself with the sauce, The Last Dab. 

Dragon’s Breath: 2.48 million SHU

The hottest peppers in the world and where to get them fromNext on the list is a UK grown chilli, Dragon’s Breath. This pepper often breathes down the next of the most discussed champion, the Carolina Reaper, but in our list in comes in at second by scoring 2.48 million on the SHU scale. Named such after the Welsh dragon, a symbol in Wales, Dragon’s Breath was created by Mike Smith the owner of Tom’s Plants. It was created with the help of researchers at the University of Nottingham, so you know it’ll have a kick to it. For good reason, you can’t buy this commercially, however, you will be able to grab this on Amazon – if you really want to. 

Carolina Reaper: 2.20 million SHU

The hottest peppers in the world and where to get them fromScoring 2.20 million on the SHU scale, the recorded Guinness World Records winner was created by Ed Currie by crossing a Ghost Pepper with a Red Habanero. Currie, who is clearly a spice enthusiast, is currently the president of the company the Puckerbutt Pepper Company which does in fact sell Carolina Reaper seeds and sauces for you to try at home.

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion: 2.9 million SHU

The hottest peppers in the world and where to get them fromHailing from Trinidad, Moruga, and Tabago, the Trindad Moruga Scorpion pepper has the potential to hit the SHU scale at 2.9 million; while this pepper may come in at fourth on our list, this is the hottest naturally grown pepper in the world so it’s not something to be taken lightly. While you won’t struggle to buy this one online, we still don’t recommend you eating this chilli in one sitting.

7 Pot Doughlah: 1.85 million SHU

The hottest peppers in the world and where to get them fromRounding up the list at number five is the 7 Pot Doughlah, also hailing from Trinidad like the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, this pepper can reach a heat level of 1.85 million SHUs. While it may be last on this list, of the 7 Pot chilli variety this particular strand of pepper is the hottest, so for those who plan to try it, make sure you do so with care. You can buy the seed on Etsy, Amazon, and elsewhere online. Go grab a glass of milk and enjoy!

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