How to spend a saucy Valentine's Day - virtually!

Time doesn’t stop for anyone – especially not COVID. That means as we spend another year in lockdown, we’ve come to another Valentine’s Day.

But that doesn’t change a thing. Love is still love, and that means it should still be celebrated; albeit, virtually and safely. 

If you’re celebrating with friends

Now more than ever, you should take the time to be with your friends, and what better way to do that than virtually on Valentine’s Day? To spice up the usual Zoom session, take inspiration from the game, Hot Ones; it’s a favourite of ours, if you can’t tell.  Send your friends an array of the coolest and hottest sauces from Saucy Mahi (our Tamarind and Mango sauce is a great example of a cool sauce, while our Carolina Reaper and Pineapple sauce is the perfect example of the extreme), and then take it in turns to ask questions about each other. Whoever gets it wrong has to try the hottest sauce, whoever gets it right is rewarded with the sauce of their choice.

If you’re celebrating with a romantic partner 

Whether you’re a new couple who decided not to quarantine together or you just decided that it’s safer for you both to be apart rather than together, there will be couples out there who can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in the arms of each other – and instead, will need to celebrate virtually. We understand virtual meetings can get a bit stale sometimes, that’s why we’re encouraging a spicy taste test game. Send your partner a selection of hot sauces from Saucy Mahi in the post; just make sure you rip the labels off and that you’ve made a note of which is which. When it comes around to the big day, you can play a taste test game – with a twist. Not only will they have to guess the flavour of each hot sauce, but if they lose, they will also have to take a piece of clothing off. Either way, it sounds like a win-win...

If you’re celebrating with family 

Family is all about togetherness. If you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family – virtually or not – being together is the most important thing. To keep it exciting and inclusive for Grandma, there are a whole selection of things you can do together. For example, you can cook together – but you can blindfold the chef and have everyone over video chat to direct them with what to put into the meal. Or you can even do a family quiz based on obscure family or hot sauce questions! Either way, Valentine’s Day is what you make it. And there’s no reason as to why it can’t be virtual, fun, and spicy.  

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