Hot Sauce: Put It On Everything!

Hot sauce is an amazing condiment and can be introduced to so many dishes and uses as long as you know what to do! Here are some delicious uses for your favourite hot sauces!

Simple Syrup

Combine a few drops with simple syrup, then toss with a fruit salad or spice up one of your favourite cocktails. To make one for yourself simply add equal parts water and sugar and boil on the stove until the sugar is fully dissolved. Reduce to a simmer add a couple of drops of your hot sauce and simmer for another 10 minutes! Let it cool down, bottle it and voila you have a spicy simple syrup perfect for all your sweet needs!

Shepherd's Pie

This adds a contemporary burn to an old classic. You simply add a little or a lot of hot sauce to your mince depending on how hot you want it to be. Then construct and cook it as you normally would! 


Another simple but satisfying treat you can make with your hot sauce is to add it to some popcorn! There are many ways you could do this, for example dehydrating your favourite hot sauce and adding the seasoning to your popcorn. Unfortunately, not everyone has a dehydrator and can spend hours making popcorn. For the best results id recommend melting butter and adding a splash of hot sauce to it before adding your popcorn and tossing!

Wing Sauce

Wings and hot sauce are a perfect combination and should always be one of the first things you think about when mentioning hot sauce recipes. Here is a simple guide to get your wings up to scratch!

Mix together your hot sauce with butter and depending on what hot sauce you are using add some spices! Like garlic powder, salt, and cayenne pepper if you need to add a little kick. Once you have made your sauce grab your wings out of the oven and give them a little toss in the hot sauce before finishing them off in the oven.

Hot Chocolate

Make a Mexican hot chocolate to warm up with by simply adding a dash of hot sauce and giving it a stir! 

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Hot Sauce: Put It On Everything!
Hot sauce is an amazing condiment and can be introduced to so many dishes and uses as long as you...
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