MAHI | Peri Peri Fish Tortilla
MAHI | Peri Peri Fish Tortilla

Fish tacos are all the rage, but we've done one better…we've got a Peri Peri fish taco all wrapped up in a tortilla! Tilapia fish, garnished with sour cream, mix salad leafs and a drizzle of MAHI's Peri Peri Mango & Lime marinade for an extra kick. Deliciously tasty!

  • 2x Fillets of Fish (Tilapia works well!)
  • 1x Jar MAHI Peri Garlic and Herb Sauce
  • 1x Jar Sour Cream
  • 1x Bag of Mixed Salad
  • 1x Box of Tortillas
  1. Marinade 2x Tilapia Fishes with MAHI Garlic and Herb sauce.
  2. Take the Fish and feel free to cook it on any of the following; George Foreman Grilll, Oven Cook or Pan Fry till golden brown/cooked.
  3. Heat tortilla wrap.
  4. Place Tortilla wrap on plate.
  5. In a separate plate shred the cooked Mahi Tilapia.
  6. Add to tortilla wrap.
  7. Add sour cream and sprinkle some cheese.
  8. Add mixed salad.
  9. Top with MAHI Mango & Lime Marinade (TOP TIP: all our marinades are cooked so can be used as sauces too!).

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