The MAHI Ultimate Spice Guide

There are many ways you can increase your spice tolerance that I wish I knew about when I was younger. So, I’m here to save the day and share with you all the knowledge that I have gained and gathered from around the web to help you finish that spicy curry that you’ve always been dreaming of.

Start small and simple

Some of the best ways to make sure you don’t jump into the deep end is to keep it small and simple. Instead of going for a madras or a jalapeño smothered burger try keep it small and go for a milder curry like dhansak or put some milder hot sauce on your burger like MAHI’s Chipotle Smoked Jalapeño Ketchup. The great thing about using a hot sauce is that you can always control the amount you want on your food which is crucial to make sure you don’t burn yourself out.

 Take your time

Reaching your spicy dream shouldn’t be a race and for many this is where they mess up and ruin their spicy journey. Many hot sauce companies have varying levels of hot sauce meaning you’re going to need a lot of time to try them all, right? So, take your time, try them all and if you’re not instantly throwing down with the spiciest of them. Then I guess that just means you have more time to try all the different wonderful sauces and peppers.

 Know your chilli’s

A great way to help you ease into spicy food is to understand what you are cooking with and how to cook it. For example, if you’re rocking bell peppers in your taco’s you’re not going to be getting much of a kick but toss them in a mild hot sauce like (MAHI’s Cayenne & Cranberry Sweet Heat Sauce) after you’ve fried them, and you’ll be off to the races with a delightful treat.

Adjust your meals

Make sure to keep adjusting your meals so that they always have just the right amount of spice. One great way to do this is to grab your hands on varying levels of hot sauce and try using them as dips. This way if you find out you’ve stepped too far into the spicy rabbit hole you wont risk ruining whatever delightful snack you might be pairing it with.

 Work out what your spice saver is

One critical error that many new spice juniors have is that when they start stepping a little too far into a new hot sauce, they find themselves grabbing the closest drink. But wait! It’s important you that you understand what helps and what doesn’t. Fatty drinks and foods like milk, coconut milk and sour cream are your best bet. This is why some dishes seem to be less spicy than others as lots of recipes will add these ingredients to mask some of the heat but keep the chilli flavour we all know and love. Never grab a drink of water if you are being overwhelmed by spice as it will only transport the spice everywhere and make it worse.

 Know when its just not for you

Finally, you must make sure that you know when you’ve reached your limit. Everyone has one and that’s okay the important part is to find what spicy food you like explore the ever-growing range of hot sauces.

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