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3 Pack | Hot Sauces

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    Introducing the ultimate trio for spice enthusiasts: MAHI's Extreme Heat Hot Sauce Pack! This 3-pack includes our award-winning Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce, the fiery Carolina Reaper & Pineapple Hot Sauce, and the intense Scorpion & Passion Hot Sauce. Prepare to ignite your taste buds with these sensational sauces.

    First, get ready to fire up your meals with our Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce. Known for its deliciously smoky flavor, this sauce packs a powerful punch that transforms any dish from breakfast to dinner. Whether you dip, dash, season, or sprinkle, a little goes a long way, and you'll be hooked from the first bite.

    Next, experience the fiery and fruity fiesta of our Carolina Reaper & Pineapple Hot Sauce. Made with record-breaking Carolina Reaper Chilli peppers and infused with the sweet pulp of sun-ripened pineapples, this sauce starts with a deceivingly sweet sensation that builds to a wickedly hot blast. It's a perfect blend for those who love a balance of sweet and heat.

    Finally, discover a whole new level of searing heat with our Great Taste Gold Award-winning Scorpion & Passion Hot Sauce. Crafted with authentic Trinidad Scorpion Peppers and the sweetest sun-kissed passion fruits, this sauce offers a feisty spice and tasty tang that will knock your socks off. Add a dash to your cooking and let your taste buds explode with flavor.

    Elevate your culinary adventures with MAHI's Extreme Heat Hot Sauce Pack, the perfect trio for those who crave serious heat and unforgettable flavor!

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