Veganism doesn’t mean you need to give up food you love

For many people, the idea of veganism is rooted in the idea of sacrifice. People are often put off of going vegan because they feel as though they’d be left with eating ‘rabbit food’ or food that they deem unappealing.  

However, modern-day veganism is directly the opposite of that. With the recent surge of people turning away from meat and dairy, many food processing companies have taken note and began to make vegan and vegetarian alternatives.

You do not need to give up your favourite foods to be a good vegan – in fact, here are a few dishes that prove that.

BBQ ribs

Surprised? Yes, even vegans can eat BBQ ribs. The dish is typically made from seitan – which is made from whole wheat flour or wheat gluten – but you can barely the vegan version from the real thing.

Grill it on your BBQ and lather it in our Jerk Barbeque sauce – or even, marinate it in our Peri Peri Hot marinade to recreate the full experience.

Chicken galore

Are you missing Nandos? Or KFC? There’s no reason why that’s off-limits to you just because you’re vegan. Whether it’s chicken wings, southern fried, or a chicken burger, the vegan market has already got you covered. Vegan chicken is either made from seitan or from tempeh; the latter is typically made from soybeans that have been fermented or broken down.

However, both mediums are a malleable form to manipulate and use as a main dish. No matter how you cook it, or what you cover it with, it’s important to season these ingredients. While we have a complete range, one of our popular options is the Peri Peri Hot sauce – we’re sure the flavours will take you straight back to your meat-eating days.

See food or seafood?

If you’re partial to fish and seafood, and feel as though giving up either one of those is too much of a sacrifice then you’re in luck. There are many variants of fake salmon, prawns, tuna, and more dominating the vegan market. Often when recreating the texture and flavour of fish, the process typically calls for combining tapioca starch with glucose extracted from seaweed. If you’re a little hesitant to try something so unfamiliar to you, then it may be worth easing yourself into it by dousing the fake seafood in something you do enjoy.

We recommend our Cayenne and Mint sauce, the vegan sauce will bring out refreshing flavours but still offer that kick that a few of you may be missing. So many of us are raised as meat-eaters, and as such, we believe that the main component of a meal needs to be a meat of some kind – because that’s the thing we’re told the flavour and bulk comes from. However, when you make the transition to veganism, you are introduced to food in a whole new light.

Flavour is no longer seen to be designated to the meat component – but instead, the whole dish, and the easiest way to do that is with the help of a bottle of Saucy Mahi.

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