Spicy Communities Worth Checking Out!

If you're a fellow hot sauce hot head like us you will always be on the look out for more ways to get your hands on new hot sauces. Well, look no further as i have compiled a short list of communities you can join to do just that!

 Hot ones

The Hot Ones show is a great mix between a game shop and a celeb interview. If you want to keep up with the most recent celebrity news but don’t want all the rabble this is the perfect show for you! Hot ones has an amazing range of celebrity's from the wild Steve-O to the humble Tom Holland. This means no matter what you're interested in you'll be able to find something! 

Now on to the hot sauce which somehow manages to go neck and neck with the celebrity variety. Over the years hot ones has seen many different hot sauces enter and leave the gauntlet. So if you're just looking for some new hot sauces to try they've got you covered! 


Looking for some hidden gems or just looking to show off your hot sauce stash look no further because r/hotsauce has all that! With the use of their pinned mega threads, you can get in contact with fellow chilli heads and find out what sauces they’re fans of. You can even use the marketing thread to see if any up-and-coming hot sauce brands catch your eye. The only thing you cant do is taste the hot sauce.

Additionally r/Hotsauce is also a great place to learn about the ins and out of making hot sauce with people that have varying levels of expertise. There's always people talking about their experiences and methods so if you have a question chances are that they've asked it before and you can reap the rewards of their hard work!


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